Curly hair color ideas

Curly Hair color ideas.  My client came to me wanting to be red on copper red hair color.  She as not having luck getting the right red or a color that would hold.  Seeing as some curly hair textures are  more porous than others, or more fine than others you need to color the hair […]

New Year new hair

new year new hair

New Year new hair is what my brave friend/client was all about.  She has overcome major stuff the last year and decided 2015 was about new ways of looking at things including herself.  She wanted the freedom of not blow drying her thick, wavy hair out.  Doing tons of foil work to give her natural […]

A-line bob 2014 with copper red color

A line bob copper red head

A-line bob 2014 is shattered and has movement.  After I was done last night coloring my client Paula into a Sun-kissed copper color.  I used all-nutrient organic hair color by the way…no ammonia.  Paula wanted to give her heavy, thick, wavy hair a lift and was saying that all her hair had her sweating.  So […]

Organic Color Gloss

Organic Color Gloss

Organic Color Gloss Sometimes a natural Red Head needs just a boost of color.  So with this client all I simply did was used an organic color gloss I formulated with coppers/golds to boost her underlying tones.  This color blends and fades on tone…no roots just a boost for a couple months.  Of course I […]

Studio City Client

Studio City Client

Studio City Client Courtney’s husband took a pictures of her before celebrating her new look over dinner. My great client Courtney makes for a great copper/red haired beauty!  I had to post this as when a husband takes notice to how pretty his wife looks and admires her hair…that to me is a great compliment!  That […]

Color Boost For Hair

Color boost for hair

Color Boost for hair to shine away her drab brunette… This actress who comes to me for rich, warm, brunette color…had a dull on set color done and needed it rich again.  Since it was already colored i just washed her hair, put on a rich golden, amber, copper color gloss.  I truly don’t give […]

Red Hair Color Boosted

red hair color boosted

Red hair color boosteed….I Had this great client with tons of thick natural red hair.  She needed her hair boosted with color to give it some much needed rich copper infused into it, then thinned out to shape her face and give her bangs for a softer effect.  She was so relieved to have shape […]