Here is the deal…. I am a Gen X kid from the 80’s. I had Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, Prince as hair icons and I always wondered how they got their hair “that way.” How did Madonna go from dark brown to honey blonde? How did Cyndie get so Red?

From the starting gate I was fascinated with color. In beauty school I noticed that I could formulate instinctually. I could bleach and tone or cover gray just from instincts. I would sit with water colors and play-doh mixing greens, reds, blues, yellows, and learned the basic rules of color apply to all things. I found that I had a passion for color and the chemistry of it turned me on. I truly know formulation, and part of that formula is the color that is in your hair. The undertones of your natural color are part of the formula.

I am the no b.s. colorist/stylist. I keep it simple, and to the classic rules of color and cutting. I have a solid foundation in color correction and haircutting.

I can fix anything you put in front of me. From brassy blondes, to greenish browns, and pinky faded reds. I can fix it and rebuild the hair from the inside out. After an appointment with me, I will fix your color then put you on a regimen of the correct products for your hair needs. Just like facials and just like nutrition. If you’re using the wrong product, your hair won’t repair or look its best. I am a less-is-best kinda guy. No fuss, no b.s., just solid hair skills from training under the top colorists of the world in Beverly Hills and classic training at Vidal Sassoon.

I use the best color with little to no ammonia. I have 16 years under my belt and show it in my Before and After page. Proof is in the pudding!

I won’t talk fancy talk to cover up what I can or cannot do, I deliver true solid beautiful hair. I seriously get excited when I start a color and cut because I am not “scissor happy” and I know the color will be better than before. I give your hair what it needs and nothing less. If you want to grow it long, we can do a “dusting” technique that takes dead ends off but no length. Check out my Before and After page with no-fuss pictures. Taken right in my chair with a camera – no lighting, no make up, just solid hair results.

I am proud to use the following products in my salon to re-build/strengthen and maintain color and to keep the hair in ultimate condition. The combinaiton of the color and products used helps keep and maintain beautiful hair.

From the days of apprenticing in Beverly Hills, to co-owning Sterling Salon, I have done my fair share of celebs and industry peeps. I have built a reputation and have a solid loyal client base due to my foundation and commitment. I wanted this site to show the real day-to-day deal of what I do.