Red hair to Blonde hair with out destroying it

red to blonde

Red hair to blonde hair without destroying it.   I met this beautiful young red head names Alexandria about 3 months ago.   She had consulted with other salons and then found me via Instagram.  She showed me a picture of Amanda Seyfried and told me she needed to get as close to her color as possible. Amanda SeyfriedAlexandria has long red hair that has been colored red for 15 years.  So to get all that red out was going  to be a slow challenge because I needed to keep her hair length and bring her up to a blonde.  Just note that in a colorists world getting rid of red is one of the toughest colors to get rid of out there.  As some would just get the bleach and start bleaching would result in a pixie cut in the end because all that bleach would eat her hair and destroy it.  Sure she would be blonde but not a wheaty, golden, soft blonde with long hair!!

red to dark amber blonde

So to start the 3 month process I simply did a full head of baby fine highlights through you whole thick head of hair with Schwarzkopf.  Just the foils took 2 1/2 hours to put in.  Then I did an Olaplex gloss treatment on her to keep the bonds in her hair strong and to blend her first step out of red/red into dark amber blonde.

dark red to dark amber blonde

The second appointment we went in and did another full highlight but I went into the micro red areas to pull more of the color out gently.  Then sent her home with Olaplex cream through her tresses to keep it in shape.  In this pic right here she was dark red, then a warm amber blonde, then a wheaty, mulit-tonal blonde.


The final appointment I went in with Pravana Color extractor and did an all over gentle color extracting to get her to a soft golden tone.  Then went in and did a partial highlight and Olaplex treatment.  Boom!  She is now a soft, golden, wheaty blonde and all we did was a “dusting” cut to make sure her ends were in great shape!

red to blonde

You can go from red to blonde but only a true color specialist should do this service.  Do not do this at home.  This type of skill level is left to pro’s and only pro’s.  So really do your homework looking for a color specialist in your area to perform this service!!!  Don’t just walk into Floyd’s or Fantastic Sam’s.  You do in the end get what you pay for!