Fixing brassy hair

fixing brassy hair

Fixing Brassy hair is even a challenge for a professional colorist.  So do not try to fix something at home that has become complicated unless you just want to do a dye back to black.  Going super dark is the atomic bomb or “just cover it up”  lol   For those out there who have light brown to dirty blonde hair and want to fix it without going dark this should be done by a professional who can fix it and  keep you at the lighter level color you were to begin with naturally.  No matter what you do purple shampoo will not fix a bad color job.

I wanted to show two versions in my blog of  a blonder based client and a brunette based client and how both came to me with brassy hair and the basic steps  I took  to beautiful color again. Btw I love  fixing things!  Especially bad hair color!  Ok so here we go…..

fixing brassy hair

This client for example came to me with natural dirty blonde roots grown out with brassy hair color because her hair was over processed 4 months ago and the previous person had colored her hair and it turned “strawberry / copper” on her and she was too afraid to have someone fix it so she just, ,”lived with it”.  Then she came to me and  I created  a base color with Schwarzkopf hair color that would be soft and compliment her skin tones and eye color.  Then went in with foil work with highlights and low lights to counteract the brass thru her hair and to create a soft blend of tones  thru the hair like natural hair color would be.    The final faze was a shiny mix of a natural beige color gloss by Redken Shades Eq.  When doing a glossing treatment I like to put the final touch on a color with Olaplex shine treatment infused into the gloss to repair and give shine back to the cortex and cuticle of the hair.  This gives the hair the much needed shine and amino acids for the cortex. fixing brass

fixing a brassy brunette

Another client came to me to take her brassy, red, brunette faded color and bring it back to a natural, caramel, beige brunette/dark blonde.  Her color had over time just turned into a darker red tone due to the previous color person not using the right formula to cancel out her natural warm tones…aka brass.  When coloring a brunette also there are warm undertones to counter when lifting the hair color.  Using one of my favorite formulas with an ashen Schwarzkopf permanent color at her base then mixing an end color to blend her with ash to counter her red/brass.  Then a partial highlight with a natural ashen color  gloss by Shades Eq mixed with Olaplex hair treatment she is back to the tone she  had years ago.  She looks younger and more alive with the tones that compliment her skin and her eyes.   fixing a brassy brunette