How to bleach long hair

How to bleach long hair should be done by a color specialist.  This is not recommended for at home.  This young woman  came to our salon to have her natural dirty blonde / colored hair bleached and toned platinum blonde.   This was done by two of  us at the salon because speed and uniform work this long of hair takes more than two hands.


This head of hair was very long and thick.  Her hair was colored in 3 quadrants.  Meaning we treated  it like 3 different heads of hair.  The roots,  mid-shaft, then the ends.  All 3 areas were colored with different formulas to get an even bleached tone from roots to ends.  As with this long of hair you have to remember the ends of the hair are at least 5 years old and need to be treated gentler than the regrowth area.

I went in with a liquid double drab bleach on her regrowth only and processed  for 15 minutes, then I mixed the second  bowl of bleach with a lesser volume developer for the mid  shaft, left that on for another 15 minutes.  Then mixed  her  end bleach for the final 15 minutes under the dryer.  After she was bleached evenly to the  pale yellow stage from roots to ends, we went in with a great mix of the toner and Olaplex,   Using Flash toners by Paul Mitchell we mixed her an ULTRA VIOLET TONER that delivered the platinum  tone we were looking for!   Using Olaplex as insurance of no damage done to this beautiful,  long, thick hair!


When ever doing any  bleach on any length hair I advise a “dusting” trim on the ends of the hair to insure  no splits!  Also it gives a more polished finish on  the ends of the hair!  This young woman was looking for awhile to trust a salon to bleach  her beautiful long hair.  We were happy to fulfill her dream of finally being platinum blonde!