How To Lighten Hair That Has Been Dyed Too Dark

How to lighten hair that has been dyed too dark.  This young lady  was referred to me too get her out of the super dark almost black color a previous stylist had put on her hair.  She asked for a “Katie Holmes” type brunette hair color.

darker and lighter

darker and lighter

  The person did some odd highlighting on her when all she needed was an all over hair color service not highlights.  So in an attempt to “fix” the color the stylist decided to color it all super dark to cover the brassy color she put in her hair.  So what I decided to do was first and foremost be gentle to the already  color treated hair.  Some salon people might just STRIP out the color which is basically BLEACH!   That would just leave it broken and she would have brassy  hair and a pixie haircut.

dark to lighter  brunette

dark to lighter brunette

I decided to do a full highlight with baby light foils through the hair.  After washing out her the low ammonia lightener foils I formulated a rich color gloss with Olaplex in the formula to keep the bonds of the hair safe and keep it in tact.  This was the first appointment and I told her it will take a few appointments to get her on track and get her on path of just a single process color.  When doing a color correction it is key to communicate, and  be patient.  If you try do too much in one appointment the hair will suffer.  The end result for first appointment pulled her out of the super dark and into a rich, warm, brunette and she did hot have to cut her hair.  I did “dust” the ends of her hair to just keep them from splitting.  But took off no length. In 8 weeks she  will come back for just a base color and color gloss.  No more highlights as the rich “Katie  Holmes” color does not have foils in it.   Simplicity is key!