How to get red hair back to brown with highlights

How to get red hair back to brown with highlights takes time and patience.  My client of 15 years came in and wanted to change from years of being a red head and go back to her color of her youth.  Light brown with honey/ caramel tones.  I told her this will take a few hours and take focus of color chemistry.

I myself tell any long haired client that we need to do this gentle and safe.  If you want the color to last and hold do not “strip color”  The old ways of just taking out the color and trying to color it back are for the amateur.  If you want to keep your length go to a COLOR SPECIALIST,  I truly mean this as it takes focus and major color  formulation.

red to brown hair

red to brown hair

Her base  was colored with an ashen brown formula (Schwarzkopf Igora Royal)   to bring her down into a light natural brown tone, then a full head of highlights with low ammonia lightener with Olaplex to ensure safety of the hair shaft.  In between the foils I used and ashen low light then washed it all out.  Finished with a color gloss by Shades Eq by Redken.  The gloss was formulated to give the hair tonality and shine.

When doing a color change like this you should always finish it with a slight “dusting cut” where you just take of the tiny ends of the hair to give it that  polished look.  I used Moroccan Oil smoothing on her hair for a perfectly sealed head of hair.

Now she can come in every 6 to 8 weeks and just do a base touch up and every quarter we can add highlights as needed.  I also like to mix Olaplex into my color glosses to treat the hair and add intense shine to it.  This is a balance of getting the color in and keeping the hair in shape.  Her hair was left soft and manageable because she paid a color specialist to do this and not her best friend who was in beauty school once in the 80s lol.  Again only let a pro do this!!