Curly hair color ideas

Curly Hair color ideas.  My client came to me wanting to be red on copper red hair color.  She as not having luck getting the right red or a color that would hold.  Seeing as some curly hair textures are  more porous than others, or more fine than others you need to color the hair according to the canvas you are working on.

For my client I gave her a rich red base color as the backdrop to her cooper tendrils.  She needed a color that had more color molecules to get into the cortex of her hair.  See some colors like organics do not have the dye load to deposit an opaque color.  If the color line is too translucent it won’t have the dye load needed to last.  Most box at home colors do not have the dye loads to last.  That is why you go to a professional.

I went in using Schwarzkopf Professional color as her base color then I put in just a few foils to lighten her to a copper level and then did a deep copper gloss overlay with Shades Eq by Redken.  Boom she is a fun red on copper red and her color will last her longer and she just needs to come in for a root retouch and color gloss refresh to keep this color going.  Its easy upkeep and will last her for months.

curly  hair with  color

curly hair with color

I trimmed her hair to give her long layers to give the curls life and lift.  Then decided to use R+Co twist with Motorcycle gel. Twist gave me the moisture needed and the gel for hold.  Now she can just wash and go which is what every curly haired person wants right?  She will be do to come back for a retouch 8 weeks from now.