Gray hair do you embrace it or color it?

how to find your blonde shade

Gray hair do you embrace it or color it?  That is a question I start to hear when my younger clients start to show gray.  See when we are younger or hell even the lucky of us who are older, have just a few gray hairs we can either pull em out ( I do not recommend!)  or highlight em to basically “camo” that situation.  But for some,  that decision is tougher as when one who gets more gray and is in their 30’s it’s a bridge to cross.  Do I color it all over or just keep highlighting, or just give in and go gray all together?

covering gray

This is a question my friend/client had put in front of her.  She over the years has  been going from 10 percent gray to  40 percent gray in just a couple of years and  soon will be 50 percent.  So she has to make a decision.   Lets face it this is not easy to decide as when one is brave enough to embrace the aging process it’s that “look in the mirror” thing you have to do with yourself.

My opinion is if you can rock white hair go for it!  If you can rock gray …go for it!  But most of us mortals do look older with gray hair as gray hair that is salt and pepper tends to be ashen.  Ashen tones can make one look tired, and older.  So when one is in their early/mid 30s I usually say…”your too young for this and I say go gray when your 65″  But for a younger person its tough to decide as you  have to be strong and accepting of your natural hair.  That is where a guy like me steps in to suggest what your options are honestly.

its time to cover gray

When my friend/client asked me I told her….”IT’S TIME”!!  I suggested this for her to do a “Base” color aka all over color with highlights.  So we can bring her back to her 21 year old college girl hair color and then just highlight it to blend it.  So the only thing that changed is she has to come in every 8 weeks for a color retouch and every 12 for retouch and highlights.  Boom she is back to her younger hair and looks like a 30 somthing as oppossed to a 40 something.  Lets face it that gray that most have ages us 10 to 20 years and she was not ready for that!

I used All Nutrient Organic Hair Color as her base color, level 6 light brown and  partiially  highlighted her after to give her dimension.   Now she is a caramel/warm honey blonde.   We did a long layer shaping haircut and of course I blew her out with one of my favorites by Moroccan Oil….thickening lotion.

So if you decide to cover go over your options with your hair person.  Or just come to me.  lol

Be brave out there!