How to go blonde when your not

dark to blonde done tight

How to go blonde when your not can be done if you  match the blonde tone with your skin tone and eyes.  If you keep it real with yourself you wont end up with carrot orange brassy hair.   Blonde does not mean  one and one thing only…the Marilyn or Madonna bleached blonde.    There are many tones of blonde from dark blonde, amber blondes, strawberry blondes, caramel blondes, and on and on.

blonde  when  your not

For example my client wanted to punch up her regular medium warm colored brown color with some pop of brighter in it to break her free from just brunette.  I started out “busting her base”  meaning when I  lift the  natural dark brown color one to two levels to lighten the palette.   I use an organic color that does not damage the cuticle off the hair shaft.   Then  I go in with fine place  foils to lighten out the partials areas I wanted to a lighter tone, then go in with an organic color gloss to  polish the tone to what exact tone I wanted for her naturally super dark hair.

color gloss

Of course I cleaned up her ends to make sure her color  was polished and shaped.  Now she can come in just for her root color next time and  a simple color gloss to keep the color going for months.  I will highlight her maybe every 5 months to keep this tone going for her.  The great thing is at any time if  she wants to deepen her blonde into a dark amber or caramel tone I simple gloss  her into that color with no damage to her hair.

dark to blonde

See being a blonde needs to match the  skin  and eyes of the person.  So you can be blonde but make sure its a blonde that matches you.  Be realistic about your look and what you can do.  Just because you like Marilyn Monroe does  not mean her hair color is your best option.  It was best for her.   Now it’s time to match what is best for you!