Keratin Complex vs Brazilian Blowout

Keratin Complex Express

Keratin Complex vs Brazilian Blowout .  I was a Brazilian Blowout only guy.  I tried all smoothing treatments on the market and nothing worked as  well as Brazilian Blowout until I had the client demand to find something that does not burn the eyes,  scalp, or smell.  After the media slam on Brazilian Blowout I could not fight it anymore.  I could not defend the company and had to find a smoothing product that would do the job as good  if not better than Brazilian Blowout.  keratin complex express smoothing treatment

I found Keratin Complex has 3 levels of smoothing product services.  They have the EXPRESS service that lasts 6 weeks and takes one hour to do.  Then they have the Keratin Glycolic Smoothing Treatment that is just like the Brazilian it lasts 3 months and pretty much takes up to 3 hours to do.  Then they have the Keratin Complex treatment that lasts up  to 5 months and takes up to 3 hours to do.

organic color gloss

What I did today was on my client Stacy who had come in with hair that had oxidized from swimming, sun, and sweat all Summer.  I just went in and Organic Color Glossed her hair with All  Nutrient Hair Color to richen her up and take care of the brassy that happens to brunettes.  Then washed  it out and applied thee Keratin Express to her hair.  Blew it out, flat ironed it in and boom.  She goes home with perfect smooth non frizzy hair.  She gets 6 weeks of style ease.  I think she loves it so much she is going to do the Keratin Glycolic Treatment for 3 months of ease on her next appt.

keratiin express

What  I like about this line is that it has more options for the client and no burning eyes for me  or the client.  I feel safe with using this and the shine is awesome.  The true test was fighting the humid heat LA has had this Summer.  She has no frizz.  I am now a fan!

Keratin Complex Express