Coloring Gray Hair first time

gray to color

Coloring Gray hair fist time.  This is a tough decision for  the person who grew out color or  has never colored as once you start its a commitment.  Every 6 to 8 weeks to come in and get your roots done.  Some its every 4 weeks, depending on the  person.  I love pretty gray,  white  hair especially when it has the pillow white in there.

gray hair  to colored hair

My client who used to come in and color her hair every 4 weeks, dark, dark brown.  Decided after she adopted her child a few years ago and got a new job,  and as a single mom that coming in and coloring would not be an option for her anymore.  So we grew out  her  hair , cut it all off and let her white, silver, gray grown in.  Now  this hair is beautiful and I say if your are comfortable with it and it compliments you….keep it!  But in a town like Los  Angeles a single mom, who is still young enough to date  might run into some issues when she is  only  in her 40s.  Gray  hair can and usually does age a male or female about 15 to 20 years.  As gray is an ashen color  it can age a person.  So she started being asked if she was the “Nanny” of her child, or online dating no one in her age group is reaching out to her on or tinder.  Then she was at the swim center with her kid and two teen kids were in the pool and one splashed her from behind by accident and the kid told the other one, “watch out for the old lady”.  She called and said….”Todd that’s it I can’t take it, I want to look younger  and find a guy to date, and not be called the  Nanny!”

gray to color

So with this virgin pallet to color on I told her lets do lighter this time round as…The lighter you go the gray doesn’t show.  So I decided with her eye and  skin tone if  she went dark blonde, that when it oxidizes (fade) from the sun etc..  It will  always  look good ass it will blonde  up.  So she can stretch her  root retouches  from every 4 weeks to 6 to 8 weeks.  Less time, less money.  Easy breezy root retouch and out the door.

I went in with Organic Hair Color.  I used  All-Nutrient Hair Color in a dark blonde formulation,  then popped her under a dryer for 25 minutes and boom.  Dark blonde pretty color and she immediately knocked off  15 years to her age.  She hugged me hard and told me  I fixed so much for her!  I love my job!!

from gray to dark blonde

The way I feel is as we get older do what makes you feel your best.  But you can do a  lot with our surgery.  Hair color, clothing, good skin care.  All are no surgical and  make you feel your best.  I have a saying as  one ages….”Just don’t be sloppy”.