Light brown and Caramel hair color

caramel brunettte

Light brown and Caramel hair color are options to going lighter for natural dark brunettes.  As I show here in my blog 3 different clients of mine who are dark brown naturally and become various shades of amber/caramel and some with honey type highlights to break up the tone and  give dimension.


These are some of my favorite colors to make a brunette lighter without becoming a typical blonde.  There are already tons of blondes on the streets why not be a warm, pretty, caramel brunette or warm dark caramel blonde?  No need to bleach it or use harsh chemicals.

caramel blonde

I go in with an organic based hair  color and I formulate to counter the brassy tones when lightening.  The trick is to not go more than 2 to 3 levels lighter.  The lighter you go with the base color the more brass you will fight.  I like to “bust the base”  then go in with a few foils and lighten some pieces then do a color gloss overlay.  This locks in the color and helps fight the brass.  As brunettes can also pull brass.   Embrace the warmth but you need a professional to pull  this off.   To make a dark, dark brunette look like a caramel brunette, to dark blonde you need a pro to  do this and make it natural.  It is truly too complex than just getting a  box of color  at the store and trying to do this at home.

amber brunette

The caramel to amber  brunette is a color to boost you during Summer and a great fall color to carry.  I took these pix of my clients  in natural light as I dig  how  the color reflects to indoor and outdoor light.  Warm, soft, rich  color that reflects.  Like  my friend and client here just walking in a parking lot I loved how her  hair just shows  the warmth  and  shine.