Punk Hair color Vs. Real Life

Punk Hair color Vs. Real Life is a hot topic in hair color world these days.  I know its a trend that will come and  go. Just as it did in the 80s with the manic panic stage of punk color.  In the 80s it was a punk / anti establishment  statement.    Now its a glamor and establishment statement.    As being punk you  cannot tweet or facebook status due to that being conformist.  Today there is nothing to rebel against as you cannot rebel with a smartphone.  As I workout and see women and some men going for the super unnatural pinky, grey, greens, and blue  hair colors that re-started with Gwen Stefani, Kelly Osborne, Rihanna, and on and  on.  I have noticed something about this trend.  It takes a lot  of work to keep it up and keep it….pretty.

punky color

When a celeb today does this un-natural type color, with the greens, and the blues etc..there is a team that works with the celeb to make them look amazing with those tones.  The make-up has to change to counter the hair so lipsticks, eyeshadow, etc.. all have to change.  Then the celebrity is light to look perfect with a lighting team.  Then the clothing has to highlight the new punky color or the color has to accent the outfit.  So when someone like Katy Perry or Lady GaGa do this its usually a wig.  If they do it permanently the color  is added to the hair weekly.  See when one goes this bright they usually bleach it all out then add a vegetable hair color like manic panic or punky color.  These colors wash out very  fast and dull after about 2 to 3 washes.  But when you have the cash and the style team you can  look rad daily with a group of 20 people to keep this look going.  But the average joe at the gym walking with her ,dingy green pony tail and acne looks tired and well kinda like  she  has the flu.  See in day to day life its a lot of upkeep and tends to trash the hair over time.


It is a style  choice and hey some people pull it off with a lot of work.  Just don;t get frustrated if you don’t have the same look as Gwen or Katy.  They don’t make their look, a team of people make it.  One more thing is….age does play a role.  When your 20 you can do anything basically as youth allows for it.  But once you are over 30 years old.  Your skin and hair change and as you age your pigment  in your face changes, hair texture changes….basically what I am saying is the punky colors tend to work on young people.  With anyone over 30 you can do it, just make adjustments as ashen tones tend to make one look sleepy, older, and sick.  If you want to try a punky color get clip ins or wig pieces.  That way its like  a hat you put on and can take off.


Its like a saying I always use….”Just because you can, doesn’t mean you  should”