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Hair growth vitamins are all over the market now, as are shampoos.  Then you wonder which one is telling the truth and which one is  making claims that are too far out there.    Basically your hair is at its best when you are 19 years old, shiny, full, colorful, healthy.  Then after its all about trying to keep  it that way.  As you age the shine diminishes on some level as well as the thickness and color.  We try to keep it going with hair color, products, extensions etc..  Always chasing that eternal youth thing.

I am upfront about this fully!  If you are a man who has been balding for  years all you can do is  try to maintain what you have and make it its best.  There is no product on the planet that will make you grow back all your hair from when you were 19 years old…PERIOD!  If there were then the shampoo or the pill you take will be more than 60 bucks!!  Think about it, if it was a cure to getting thick hair back and bringing back your hair fully the pharmaceutical world would own it and charge you 1000 bucks a pill.  But there are options to fixing and keeping what you do have with some slight regenerating results.

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For women and men there are different factors to hair loss.  Women hormones of course effect,  post baby, pre and post menopause, and birth control.  Men the #1…. its testosterone that kills the hair follicle. Also in both sexes poor diet,  STRESS!, smoking, over styling are just a few factors.  Now remember you lose basically 100 hairs a day and those hairs are being replace with a new baby hair in your follicle that is why that hair sheds itself.  Its when you are losing  hundreds of hairs a day that you need to pay attention to steering the ship so to speak away from more damage/ loss.

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So since I am somewhat jaded to all the products that make these claims, I have found two things that I have seen help  give the hair you have now a fighting chance to live longer and  stronger.  So these two are  Viviscal Professional vitamins and DS Labs Revita Shampoo and Conditioner.   Truly feed your hair internally  and externally.  You do a 6 month regimen taking  the Viviscal pro. vitamins twice a  day and using the DS Labs shampoo conditioner  daily or every other day.  Then after 6 months take one vitamin  a day and  use the shampoo / conditioner  every other day.  I also tell people to use a moisture mask weekly period!  To keep  your hair in the  best condition always no matter what!

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If you go to the hyper links in this blog the DS Labs really gives a ton of  info on  hair repair and growth!  I hope this little quick blog helps as there  is so much  info on this subject,  Basically we all know if you eat well and take care of yourself your body will show it.  These two products I am talking about are just  info for  you to add to your healthy lifestyle.  In the end we are all just keeping father time from coming too soon!