Mens haircut 2015

Mens haircut 2015 can be polished and clean with easy upkeep.  Yes I have noticed two trends for men’s hair  in 2015.  One is the short shaved sides with a tied up man knot on top.  Seems all  the hypsters have locked in on the man bun trend.  There is another trend that I have liked a lot and that is  the slightly colored and barber short preppy look.   Seems hypsters locked in on that one too but I feel almost any guy out there can pull this look off and look professional yet current.

mens color cut

The trick to really making it effortless for a man to look polished but not over done is …simplicity!  Keep it simple as men’s grooming should be quick and easy.  The more fuss you put into your hair the more work it will be maintaining it.   That is why I am not a fan of the new ManBun trend.  Its just too fussy in my opinion.

My friend came in wanting a change for spring/summer.  He wanted something fresh and new.  So I suggested we just do a couple panels of  highlights up on top two soft blond tones and then color gloss it at the end to give it a polished look.  I simply used about 20 foils only on top as he wanted barbered sides.  Using organic All-Nutrient high lift blond and a lightener in between, gloss with a keratin based color gloss to put a soft even tone to make it look like he was just in the sun.  As men with subtle color always look more polished as to making a loud statement with  just bleach.

Then scissor over comb tailored the sides and soft layered the top.  Then a little dab of medium hold moroccan oil gel and boom…spring color and cut.  Trends come and go but a polished look is always in style!  I feel mens haircut 2015 is about simplicity  and  looking your best.