Foam hair color vs. Regular

foam hair color

Foam hair color vs. Regular hair color is not a new concept.  Its funny to me how back in the 60s they put the foam hair color  on the market as a “no mess, no drip way” to color your hair.  Then decades later in 2015 the commercials have a voice over of a British accented lady saying….”John Frieda introduces new FOAM technology hair color, no drip, no mess, easy to apply.”  Like its a new idea because a woman with a British accent says it so fancy like.  lol  John Frieda is not  the  only company to say they came up with it, Clairol, Fructis, L’Oreal.  They all claim to  have invented this “NEW” technology.  lol  Results of this technology…..

at home hair color

The truth is it is totally messy and very difficult to apply.  It is difficult to apply hair color let alone with  a bottle you shake and push some airy foam out of.  When doing hair color as a professional we DO NOT like the color to expand!  We like it  to stay in a cream to control where itp!   As a lot of the time the overlapping will damage the hair and to put it bluntly there is a huge amount of ammonia in these at home colors.  What ends up happening most of the time is  the victim gets a “HOT ROOT” which is where the roots are lighter than the mid shaft and ends.  example…..

hot roots

I have been doing this for almost 20 years now and over that time I have been using better and better color companies over the years.  As true technology as brought us ammonia free hair color and I see the difference in my clients hair.  The shine I get from using organic hair color and low ammonia stuff is the hair is truly shiny for a long time.  When you get box color it looks shiny a day or two then it dulls out.  The reason is that ammonia has opened up your outer cuticle and made it dull.

I say find a good colorist and do your homework.  Search  and also ask the person you go to ….”What color line do you use on me?!”  Don’t just sit down and let the person put  just anything on you.  Would you do that going clothes shopping?  Just put any thing on and just wear it?  I suggest trying to find a non ammonia  hair colorist.  Leave the foam for  your beer and let the pro colorists do the color.