Kim Kardashian Blonde

kim kardashian blonde

Kim Kardashian Blonde is a subject I felt I had to address.  I am going to try to stay neutral on this subject as I am not a big fan of this person.  But when I read an article on how Kim basically said, “Madonna was my inspiration.”  Ok well as the rest of us said that back in the 80s, in other words….nothing like being unoriginal.   Lets break down skin tone and eye color here.  Madonna is part French and part Italian, with light blue/greenish eyes.  Kim is Armenian and part Dutch, French.  So the difference here is Kim has dark eyes and darker pigments.    So when one has more of the darker pigments and super dark rich brown eyes, going level 10 platinum blonde is a huge undertaking of makeup, contacts, and clothing.  When  someone like Kim goes this light she will look like she is 10 years older and she has the flu.

Totally washed her out.  Unless she has a truck  full of makeup, hair, and lighting she  will basically in her day to  day life look bad.  She has  the money and tons of time to spend on her look.  The working girls of the world out  there do not.

Myself I am blond with blue eyes and fair skin.  If I color my  hair dark level 3 brown I will  look like I have the flu and haven’t seen the sun in years.  Basically a vampire.  This would age me and make me tired looking.  So if you are thinking of changing  your  color lighter or darker , a basic rule is 2 to 3  levels lighter or darker are the rule. Anything above or below that is  going to cost you in make up changes and  clothing changes.  An example of a darker haired Latina doing this is JLO.  She lifts her hair color with actual color then highlights  so she  has a soft blend.  If JLO went platinum…she would look ill.

I always go back  to a wise person saying….”Just because you can,  doesn’t mean  you should!”