How to brighten a blonde

organic blonde hair color

How  to brighten a blonde in one simple color.  My client came to  me with grown out old highlights with some salt and pepper dirty blonde hair.   She was wanting to simplify her color  and  yet be a brighter, warm blonde.  She wanted a break from highlights and do a single process.   I decided to mix one bowl of color and go for it.   Using her previous highlights as part of my coloring.  To give her multi-tonal hair color.   It was simply about the color formula I chose and how it was applied.


My client asked if she  just got a box at Rite-Aid  of some color and just put it all over if it would work.  The answer is NO!  When any person out there wants to do one color after having highlights…let a colorist do it for you as it looks easy but as in most cases it is not.  Like most projects that we think we can do at home like  paint your house…its way harder than it looks.  That is why you pay a pro.

I am a huge fan of ASH colors and the power  of using  it to make warm, amber, golden  blondes.  I  use an organic hair color called All Nutrient Hair color.  I applied it on the mid shaft first, then the  roots area, then the ends last.   I applied it as each section was a different head of hair.   Popped her under a heated dryer as I am using  a cream organic hair color I wanted to make sure I got the exact lift I was looking for.   I washed her with a ash blonde shampoo to guarantee all  the ash I was using stay on the hair.  Boom she had beautiful multi tonal hair.  I truly was blown away at how pretty it came out and wanted to share….let the pro’s do this cuz in the end….you cannot get the pro results we get.

BOX hair color sucks!!!

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