Bob haircuts for thin hair

bon for thin hair

Bob  haircuts for thin hair are always a win win.  I have been noticing a trend of the long, barrel iron curls being chopped off for a clean liberating slight A-line bob.  From thick to thin hair the clean slightly layered bob is classic and elegant.  So many options to style it.  Air dry, flat-iron, curl it.  The solid lines will fall into place and always look good.

My client wanted a Spring change and to cut off her year of growing it out.  She was over trying to make it look full  and thick.  She wanted to chop it off and give it a break.   I decided to put a rich, brown, color gloss on her hair and  bake it  in.  Then  went to the cut.  All I simply did was give her a very slight A-line bob and then put in soft long layers so she has movement and volume.

Styling was  also simple.  After the cut I put  one pump of  Moroccan Oil Light onto her wet hair,  then one pump of Smoothing lotion by Moroccan Oil.  I then round brushed her blow out to give her hair a polished, smooth, yet full look.  Her hair has a better looking texture, and shine to it.


Liberated from doing blowouts to curling her hair now.  Zenata now can wash and go if she wants to putting curls in it or not.  But now she has options because before all she was doing was …pulling it back in a pony.  Yea pony tails are easy ladies but after awhile you are known as “the girl with the pony”.   I am suggest this cut to anyone who is active and hates doing their hair for hours.  It really is cool to see a lady get out of the jail of ….hair!

Zenata is sprung from her hair cell. haaaaa!