Grammy hair review

grammys 2015 hair review

Grammy hair review of the ones that stood out from my point of view.  Basically I felt the hair was hit and miss this year.  I have never been a Taylor Swift kinda guy but the more I watch her and hear her talk, I like this chick!  She always has classic hair style  This a-line bob she has been rockin lately is classic, always looks good, and is super versatile.  I have been getting a lot of requests for this type of cut as it has so many options to wearing it.  You can curl it, blow it out, side part, flat iron, beachy texturize it…all ways work for this cut and style, I am a fan of this look always.

Madonna pulled out a couple of styles.  One on the red carpet with the pinned up hair and bull fighter hat…Then on stage she had it all come down into classic old Hollywood type waves.  I will say this about Madonna, she almost always has the best hair in the room.  All the pinning they had to do for that hair to come down and look polished was from the hands of a good stylist.   Hands down she brings style, artistry, and history to all of her outfits.  This chick is not lazy!

Iggy Azalea is super creative in so many ways. I dig that she does new looks and tries new things, but the braid crown for me was not flattering.  She needs all that hair down.  I feel only a handful of women on the entire planet can pull off such a brave look.  She is rad, but the look was a miss for me man.

Then we have Ariana Grande who has a great voice no doubt, and that’s about it.   She is a person who can sing but is no artist.  With Madonna, Iggy, Katy they are all artists who try new looks and reach out and get inspiration from others.  Not even just from humans but you can tell Madonna goes to film, and architecture, Iggy goes to street culture, and Katy well she goes to the stars way out in fantasy land.  But Ariana, she has been doing this high Pony tail now for almost 2 years.  All awards, all live shows, basically any time she is on camera, high pony and that over the shoulder girly look…zzzzz.  Get another look going.  But she is not as creative as the creatures that are Madonna and Iggy.

Katy Perry is a pretty girl and can pull off tons of looks, yet her purple wig needs a break.  Its just she has been sporting it a lot lately and we all know its a wig now.  In my final paragraph here I will say Beyonce’s color was so nice, rich, and soft.  When she wears her hair down in such a pretty wave, it softens her.  Well she is pretty as hell so it doesn’t take much right?

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grammys 2015 hair review