Bleach blonde hair

bleach blondes done right

Bleach blonde hair can look shiny and healthy with the right application and products used.  People sometimes will say things like…”he is really good with blondes”  or “he is good with red heads.”  I feel a true color specialist is good at all color and knowing tonal values and how to use color to make color.  In the end it all comes down to the right product, knowledge, and skill.  If you are going to get your hair bleached and its always straw, broken, or basically the wrong tone, maybe its time to stop being that blonde or check out other options.

My client here has been a 15 year client who is very, and I mean very picky about her tone.  She doesn’t like it too ashen…(violet) and she doesn’t like it too golden (yellow).  She likes it just perfect baby blonde and shiny.  No joke this client is spot on with knowing her tones as she has been coloring her hair for 50 years.  With her I use a cream blue based bleach on her roots to lift her to the level needed, meaning I don’t leave her bleach on for more than 40 minutes.  If its left on longer thats too long and damage happens to people.  Also I tone her with an organic color gloss.  I do not tone her with another bottle of something with peroxide and ammonia.  After her hair is lifted she does not need anymore harsh chemicals on her roots.  All she needs is a non ammonia, organic hair color gloss by all nutrient hair color.  It simply deposits and uses keratin (protein) to anchor into the hair shaft and deposit the tones needed to give her the baby blonde tone she likes.  This is from the time she sits down to the end of the two color processes takes a total of 75 minutes….just over an hour.  To finish I used Moroccan Oil Light and some of their volume mouse as it is creamy and puts a nice finish on the hair.  Boom a little over 2 hours later and she is the perfect soft, baby blonde.  Hair is healthy still and has life to it.  Bleach blonde sometimes sounds and looks harsh but it can be done to look….natural and pretty.