Brazilian Blowout vs. Pravana

brazlian blowout vs. pravana

Brazilian Blowout vs. Pravana smoothing treatments.  During the Brazilian Blowout social media attack a couple years back I too was wondering if there were truths behind the formaldehyde scare.  Is there a vapor that is going into the air and hurting my client and myself?  I had a battle with the back and forth of doing them after all the media hype.  Then it hit me…all these years of driving in Los Angeles breathing dirty air that has ….formaldehyde and other toxins…whats the difference?  lol  We as humans are constantly putting ourselves in danger for technology i.e. cell phones cause brain tumors, the water has chemicals in it,the cigarettes people smoke,  the hair color has ammonia in it, etc. etc. etc..  But I didn’t want to put my clients or myself in immediate danger if a service was that dangerous.  Here is the difference with using Brazilian Blowout and using a “safer” smoothing treatment such as the one by Pravana.

I never went into hair to do straighteners daily anyway!  I went into hair because I love color and fixing colors etc..  So when this trend came down the road I see that it really helps with styling frizzy hair and shine.  So with that said I do then in an open air area, I do about 1 a week and that’s it.   I didn’t want to become stuck doing a service in one spot for 3 hours each person.  So if I only did Brazilian Blowouts I would shoot myself as its not a really creative service.  It would be like working at dry bar all day every day just doing one service.  So since I do a few a month and do it safely.  The FDA seems to have passed Brazilian Blowout to be safe to use. So why are there still bleaches, relaxers that have more stuff in em ok to society?  I did go on a mission to find an alternative to BB and found a company called Pravana that is super delicate and safe with no word of any bad chemicals in it.  Now the difference between Brazilian Blowout and Pravana is….Pravana leaves more body in the hair but only lasts….6 weeks.  Brazilian Blowout is smoother and lasts 12 plus weeks.  So I now do both and let the client decide what is best for them.  Doing one BB will not kill anyone or harm anyone.   I just notice that some people are more sensitive to BB and others find Pravana to be more pleasant.  I do both and tell my clients one lasts 12 weeks the other lasts 6.  If you want something to last you have to go for the ultimate one.  If you want just a mild smoother finish for less time go with Pravana.  IIt’s like do you want Pepsi or diet Pepsi ?  They both do the trick but preference is the bottom line.  I do not feel I am in danger of doing a BB but sometimes living in LA with all the smog and bad drivers I feel in danger.  lolRedhead Before & After