Madonna Interview Magazine

madonna interview mag 2014

Madonna Interview Magazine brings us yet another “reductive” and “repetitive” version that Madge is tossing onto us.  Madonna always brings rad hair to the table.  Her stylists always deliver.  Her thick, Italian hair is blonded just right and styled into old school perfection.  Yes her body as usual is in rad shape, she is in rad shape at any age.  Most 56 year old’s would kill to have a figure like her but…..

Wtf is wrong with her?   The woman who set the rules and we admired her for her fearlessness.  She set style trends and music trends.  She basically has been a pop culture force that was always ahead of the curve and never repeated.  Once she threw down a trend she was already onto the next thing.  She told us she gets bored easily.  So when others interview her about her “Material Girl” era or her “Sex Book” era, her staple response is…”Oh your still talking about that?  I am onto something new!”

Ok Madonna well its now been 25 years since the SEX BOOK with all the leather, caps, whips, open bustier showing your tits.  Hell its been 3 years since your last tour where you showed us the open bra that shows your…tits.  It is odd how she found Kabbalah and said she checked her ego and boom, we are right back to tits and ass.  She is trying to compete with the younger gals in pop music still!  She is trying to compete with Katy Perry and Beyonce.  Instead of maybe trying something new like maybe doing an album cover in a tailored suit and giving us class with a bit of sexy she has to still show us her crotch and her fake tits.  She is posing with all the injectables and fillers like its 1990 still.  Her face cannot be shot the same as he altered her face and her breasts to compete with women 30 years younger than her.  I just cannot grasp how hypocritical she is and how “reductive” and “repetitive” she has become.  As a fan of yesteryear I am sad to see the same old yawn from her.  Oh wow look its Madonna again with her tits hanging out…oh look its Madonna photo shopped to death to look like she is 30 …again.  I really thought she would age with showing us what its like to be sexy and have some class in her golden years but alas she is holding onto youth, which is so not spiritual or Kabbalah.  ZZZZ   Its so behind the curve.    Put some freaking pants on already, wear a coat and stop Desperately Seeking Madonna!

madonna interview mag