Brighten dull blonde hair

brighten dull hair

Brighten dull blonde hair by using low to no ammonia hair color on fine hair.  I had another new client referred to me to fix her dull, flat, over processed hair.  As soon as I touched her hair I could feel the damage on her fine hair from too much ammonia.  My new client is new to living in LA and from the NYC area.  She came in I did her base color with all nutrient organic hair color.  Just using the color alone helped her cuticle.  Then went in and did foil work to put some dimension back into her lifeless, dull, flat  hair.   I did overlay her at the end with a color gloss to bring shine back and fill the cuticle with protein.

Then we cleaned up this haircut she had with basic square layers to give her fine hair body again.  With fine frizzy type hair texture it is tough to find the perfect product to smooth out the hair but give it body.  I use one pump of Moroccan oil light and some of their new product called…Smooth.  Literally one pump of each is all she needed.  I layer one product, comb thru then layer the smooth and comb thru.  Then ruff dry the hair 50 percent as fine hair needs the moisture to smooth it out. If you ruff dry fine frizzy hair 80 percent then smooth it, it will be tougher.  Also a boar bristle round brush is fine hairs best friend.  Do not use metal or plastic only brushes as those will also harm the hair over time and basically beat it up.

She left revived and now is a fan of organic color and how I only used two products on her.  Less is best!  No ones hair should be over complicated.  Complications make for well…complications.  lol