Stripping hair color

striped hair color ...fix

stripping hair colorStripping hair color is the atomic bomb of hair color removal.   When I had this actress come in from working on a film as a dark brunette her previous color person stripped her color out and left it this burnt reddish color.  This blew my mind as it was left this way and she wanted to be a dark, blended blonde.

When she came to me I saw she needed gray coverage and then I had to make a mid shaft/ends color to blend it into a solid base color.  Since her hair was sensitive I told her I use organic hair color with low to zero ammonia.  The base color was done with all nutrient organic color then the ends were colored with keratint color gloss.  Then I went in with foil work and to polish off the look she got a light color gloss.  The hair was in better shape.  Her gray hair got its coverage and her ends were fixed.

Now with all that said.  I basically frown on stripping hair color out of hair.  It is only and only used in the ultimate color built up and darkest of colors.  I can usually blend out a color and bring it into a natural shade without stripping it.  The ammonia level is so high on stripping color.  If you see a blue paste that smells of ammonia get up and tell the stylist you need to get to the dentist.  lol  It is usually done by a lazy or not informed hair person who doesn’t know any other avenue to other than to trash the hair.  If one leaves you with burnt red hair color that is also a sign to maybe leave your colorist and find a new one.  Just be careful out there and remember no STRIPPING people.  Leave that for the clubs…wink wink

stripped hair color fix