Henna hair color reviews from me are…DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME!


Henna hair color reviews from me are….DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME!  I know that many people out there feel they can just pick up a box of something and just put it on their head.  We all have done it.  Back in high school I would experiment on my own head because I was young and excited.  But as a grown adult who knows better now I want to reach out and tell you as a guy who fixes a lot of people who think they can do at home hair color and then suffer the pain as a working adult….DO NOT DO IT!

For example I had this new client last week who booked with me to fix her at home money suckin adventure.  She thought since her last hair colorist was not giving her the dimension she was after that she would put a box of henna on her hair to give it dimension.  When she put the messy glop on her head at home and ruined all her towels, sink, and shirt…she rinsed to find it had an ORANGE REDDISH hue to it.  So she then had to go to work and noticed everyone was either saying something to her like…”oh you got your hair done”  but not in a good way.  She the next day ran to Sallys beauty to do some at home fixing with …Effasol, which is an at home color remover that basically bleaches out your hair and trashes it.  The color you are left with is a slight brassy orange color.  See once Henna adheres to the hair, it cannot be colored by any hair color as it attaches itself to each hair strand.  So once you do it, you have to either grow out your entire head of hear , shave it start over, or atomic bomb strip it out and trash your hair.  Henna is like a date that wont leave.

So once she came to me I used only All Nutrient Organic Demi-Permanent Hair Color and wove in a light blonde with a tan ash blonde color to cancel out the brassy, flat tones.  Since her hair was basically gutted and trashed I had an open playing field to bring color back into her hair.  Now she has to do at home treatments and continue coming to me to keep her hair on track.  She learned a very expensive lesson.