Frizzy hairstyles

frizzy hair used to be a trend

Frizzy hairstyles  used to be a trend.  Way before the flat iron generation of the mid 90’s when girls ran to get their flat irons.   Way before the brazilian Blowout.  Way before the Yuko straightener.  Way before Moroccan Oil and products of this ilk, there was a time in the 70’s and 80’s when big, frizzy, krimp ironed hair was a fashion pick for celebs and fashion wanna-be’s.  As a guy who lived in all these times I have to say it is nice to see curls and body come back into hair.  The 90s trend of super flat hair got kinda boring.  Its nice to see movement and full body in hair again.

Now with that said the 70’s and 80’s did give us super frizz that was made by using hairsprays or perms to give that super big, pumped out hair.  Like the photos I posted along with this, Stevie Nicks represents the 70s glam of being a pumped out rock star.  That hair I am sure was braided then set free and brushed out to be big and full with drama.  Madonna simply used a krimping iron and fluffed it out with Aqua Net no doubt.  They wanted that untamed, I am a wild child free and carefree look.  Yes it would be hard to pull that off today.  In our smooth, super frizz free, every barrel ironed curl perfectly placed hair era.  I look at Stevie and Madonna thinking….it must have been a fun time to just not give a F—k that every hair was in place.  Let it be wild and free purposely.  The ultimate in “bed head”, where you could sleep on that frizz ball wake up and just re-shape that poof and keep going another day or two.

I know that if someone today did this it would be considered “hipster” and “retro” which it totally would be.  But it did have its place.  To think there was a time when frizz was cool.  Happy #TBT  Now on this frizzy not,  I will make like hair and split.  HAAA!