The Spock haircut in Star Trek

Spock Star Trek haircut

The Spock haircut in Star Trek haircut was a pop culture stamp on men’s haircuts.  Most men back in 1966 would not get a “Spock” haircut.  But the youth of the beatnik era did and would.  All this time I thought that Vidal Sasson cut Leonard Nimoy’s hair or the flashy playboy stylist Jay Sebring who was known in Hollywood back in 1966 as the top mens sytlist to the likes of Steve Mcqueen, Frank Sinatra.  Back then btw a fancy cut by a star stylist for men ran a guy 25 bucks.  Well I learned that Jay Sebring helped one Star Trek Alum land his role on the show with a haircut but it was the actor De Forest Kelley who played….Dr. McCoy.  I bet that was the best 25 bucks he spent to land a role that changed his life forever!

So the fun fact I learned about Leonard Nimoy’s “Spock” haircut was that it was his own father.  Yep his dad was a known barber  Leonard Nimoy‘s father was a barber, who was still operating a barbershop at the time the series became popular. In a mid-1960s interview with 16 Magazine, Nimoy revealed that youngsters often came into the shop asking for a “Mr. Spock” haircut, never realizing that “Mr. Spock’s dad” was cutting their hair.

I pride myself on knowing a lot about pop culture and what I love about this story is in this day and age of  “Slug hands”  or “Star F–kers” his own father did not use his son to claim fame.  Now a days if a hair person touches a star they capitalize on it and basically use the celebrities fame for their own image.  I love that his father was this cool barber who had is own business and just cut his son’s hair on a popular tv show then went back to work.  I also dig this because in this celebrity obsessed culture we are in its nice to know that sometimes a hair dude and just be …a good hair dude!  Also his dad had mad skills because that cut is very, very precise.