Madonna or Farrah?

Madonna or Farrah?!

Madonna or Farrah is my question on this Throw Back Thursday?!  I came across the famous Farrah shot and remembered reading that the photographer just snapped this shot of her naturally sitting there smiling.  Now I partially believe that she was just sitting there between shots and maybe he caught her laughing or something…but her hair was done and her suit with the blanket makes for a calculated picture.  I would not usually use the word calculated with Farrah as she was a natural beauty.  Truly with that smile and her flowing locks of hair perfection that every woman and girl on the planet wanted.  I remember girls having the Farrah head that you could cut her hair and roll it.  Truly a hair icon of the era that was …the 70s.

When I use the word calculated I do think of Madonna as everything she did seemed or was calculated.  But lets not frown on that.  Yes Farrah was gorgeous and had rad hair but…Madonna created her image of being simply Madonna.  Her hair was 80s squared!  I mean she had it permed, bleached, teased and that was all at once.  In the 80s you could do all that to your hair and hope it would be as bed head messy as Madonna’s was in Desperately Seeking Susan.

So I have been asking this question lately …are you more a Farrah or a Madonna.  Both were icons of their decades hands down.  No one dominated the hair trend of 1970’s more than…Farrah.  I would bank that no one dominated the hair trend of the 1980s than Madonna.  Farrah’s big hair vers. Madonnas bigger hair?  I lean more towards Madonna. I should lean more towards  Farrah  as she was the quintessential California safe blonde.  Madonna was more east coast New York street edge.  Who do you pick?