Burt Reynolds Cosmopolitan

Burt Reynolds Cosmopolitan Cover circa 1972

Burt Reynolds Cosmopolitan cover circa 1972 really tripped me out.  This is a classic right up there with Farrah Fawcett’s bathing suit poster  He was 36 years old on this cover, and who doesn’t like a bear skin rug to lay around on?! (gross!)   I was thinking as the Summer comes to an end…how lucky my generation and the ones after me grew up with sunscreen.  I am in awe that he is 36 years old here.  This is after any retouches the magazine had done to the photo back in the day.  The fact is he is handsome here, that is not what I am judging.  He looks great here, it just blows my mind that he looks well into his late 40’s here.  I noticed all my family photo albums from my childhood that the adults back then all looked older than we do now.

We people have normal genetics that affect us as we age and then there is how you take care of your “vehicle” so to speak.  How you take care for yourself.  Hey we all cannot be angels 100 percent of the time, moderation is key.  If you do lay in the sun, don’t just lay there all day with low to no sunscreen. I know people preach about this stuff but look at Burt  here, that is what mother nature will do to anyone …period! Not one to lecture about this subject but can you imagine what he may have looked like if he wore 50 SPF sunblock?  lol  I dig the body  hair and all but I know that back in the day a lot more people smoked, drank, and layed out in the sun a lot.

This struck a cord with me after hearing some people older than me fighting skin cancer and pre-mature aging, a.k.a. face lifts.

Knowledge is power and hey the sun is awesome…just protect your “vehicle”  We all will get older and have wrinkles but look like a young 36 year old as to an older 36 or 38 or 40 or whatever year old you are.  Oh and men…skin care does not just stop with women….skin is skin..  Taking care of your skin does not turn you into a lady.  lolfarrah fawcett