Renee Zellweger’s face

renee zellweger's face

Renee Zellweger’s face seems to have strung up some feelings on her plastic surgery results.   Yes she can do as she wants, as we all can.  This great country of ours allows us to do as we want.  She is not harming anyone, and if she wants to change her hair color or dress like […]

Frizzy hairstyles

frizzy hair used to be a trend

Frizzy hairstyles  used to be a trend.  Way before the flat iron generation of the mid 90’s when girls ran to get their flat irons.   Way before the brazilian Blowout.  Way before the Yuko straightener.  Way before Moroccan Oil and products of this ilk, there was a time in the 70’s and 80’s when […]

The Spock haircut in Star Trek

Spock Star Trek haircut

The Spock haircut in Star Trek haircut was a pop culture stamp on men’s haircuts.  Most men back in 1966 would not get a “Spock” haircut.  But the youth of the beatnik era did and would.  All this time I thought that Vidal Sasson cut Leonard Nimoy’s hair or the flashy playboy stylist Jay Sebring […]

Madonna or Farrah?

Madonna or Farrah?!

Madonna or Farrah is my question on this Throw Back Thursday?!  I came across the famous Farrah shot and remembered reading that the photographer just snapped this shot of her naturally sitting there smiling.  Now I partially believe that she was just sitting there between shots and maybe he caught her laughing or something…but her […]

Burt Reynolds Cosmopolitan

Burt Reynolds Cosmopolitan Cover circa 1972

Burt Reynolds Cosmopolitan cover circa 1972 really tripped me out.  This is a classic right up there with Farrah Fawcett’s bathing suit poster  He was 36 years old on this cover, and who doesn’t like a bear skin rug to lay around on?! (gross!)   I was thinking as the Summer comes to an end…how […]

How to fix brassy hair color

how to fix brassy hair color

How to fix brassy hair color is a snap when your hair person can cancel out the brass and bring in dimension.  As my client came in from a Summer of wear and tear on her hair.  It was time to go in and bring her dark hair with 50 percent gray into a softer […]