Indian hair color and how do change it up

dark indian hair with highlights

Indian hair color and how to change it up.  I had a new client referred to me who is stepping into the acting world as an American/ Indian with dark natural hair and 30 percent gray to cover she wanted to stand out in the crowd of actors that at are typically dark in Hollywood.    With popular movies such as Slum dog millionaire and the Bollywood scene.  Darker hair and darker skin actors such as Mindy Kaling are changing the face of actors in the typical stereo types that they tend to portray.  I have had several actors who are usually fighting for the typical roles now getting offers for roles that are not so type cast.  So when this client came to me and told me she was re-doing head shots etc..  It was time to take her out of the super dark and bring her some dimension and make her hair more versatile.

I started with a base rich brown color to cover the grays then I went in with foils to give her slight lighter pieces randomly through her hair.  Then I made a rich color gloss of the caramel type family.  Its and overlay of color to give her entire hair shine and color but to also deposit the lighter caramel tones onto the pre lightened slices I put in.    Then cut was simply long square layers put into her naturally wavy hair.  So it now has movement and she can style it 10 different ways.

Now she is up to date to go out for the CEO or a corporation to the wife next door types.  She is not stuck with just dark, long typical hair anymore.  She now has options.  I feel options are always good regardless of what you do in life.  Change it up changes your daily life basically.  Don’t stay stuck in one thing.  colored indian hair