Multi-tonal blonde and how its done

multi-tonal color

Multi-tonal blonde and how its done.  I had this new client come to me last week to take her out of the over highlighted blonde rut.  What happens is when a dirty blond such as this young lady here, goes in for her blonde highlights and the stylist puts in just light foils only. Over time those blonde highlights will just blend into a solid color on her ends.  She took a break from highlights for her first trimester of being pregnant. So she had about 4 inches of solid roots and her ends basically looked like a grown out bleach job.

I go into this with a blend of lows and highs.  The trick is to layer the color.  I will do foil placements that are so fine and placed in the right area’s.  Then I will finish it with a color gloss all over with a kiss of honey to give her natural warmth.  The end result was blended multi-tonal color to give her about 12 weeks of mileage with it looking….natural.  The low light color will blend over time and the ends will look natural and not bleached out over time.  I also feel that the color gloss I finish with locks in the color and makes it last longer.  Also a huge part of it is since I started using organic hair color it oxidizes slower.  I believe its due to the lesser ammonia in the color makes for the cuticle not being over processed and keeping the color locked in.  I know that might seem a little technical but I feel that I should talk honestly about how color works with clients as apposed to talking to clients like they are stupid.  I feel if you explain it then the client understands.  Knowledge is power especially when talking to your hair person,  its good to throw out words to him/her like “oxidize”  “lesser ammonia”  “multi-tonal”  Ok ya’ll hope you dug today’s spoken word on multi-tonal…lol