The Bionic Woman tv show brought us….BIG FOOT!


The Bionic Woman tv show brought us…. Bigfoot!!  So this is my #tbt shout out.  How can a gem like this from 70’s awesome idea’s in tv making not be my throw back Thursday?  When Lindsay Wagner a.k.a. Jamie Summers battles Big foot her hair is perfection at all times.  When she runs and jumps her roller set blonde locks bounce bionically.  But her locks cannot compete with Big Foots amazing locks and super beard!  His crystal blue eyes and his charming grunting smile?!  LOL!!

My client who is a special effects movie maker just informed me that his company just tore down the famous ICE TUNNEL that Jamie Summers had to run thru at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD.  It was taken out after it was reincarnated into other rides over the years.  They just tore it out in 2014 to build the new FAST N FURIOUS ride.  So retro history is finally gone.  The bionic woman only had two seasons, and yet it stamped itself into pop culture history for generations to come. Yes all Gen X kids watched this and the 6 million dollar man.  We all had the dolls and loved it all the way up to…the bionic dog.  Then they started to jump the shark with this series.  HA!!  But the 2 seasons brought us fembots who had rad style and gems like Helen Hunt as an alien child.  But Big foot will be up there in the top awesome episodes!  Jamie Summers always had rad style.  Happy Throw Back Thursday ya’ll!  Now break out your hot rollers, set your hair, and go find us some BIG FOOT!  THE BIONIC WOMAN ICE TUNNEL