Regrow hair and what does that mean?

regrow hair

Regrow hair and what does that really mean?  When you see a bottle of something out there that says it can “regrow hair”  it can lead a bald person on to think they can just put this shampoo on and boom they will have Julia Roberts hair, or Brad Pitt’s thick locks.  Well I am going to help clear all this up once and for all!

Take my client here who came to me post health issue and  post ex hairstylist issues.  Her hormones had taken a twist and she had to address that with her Dr..  Then her past hair person from her home town over processed her hair and it basically was snapping off.  She had basically a chemical cut.  So when she walked in I consulted with her and addressed that now her health is back and now she has to start over with her hair.   I turned and showed her a company called DS LABS that specializes in hair growth and hair health.   in 8-12 weeks she started to show progress.  Diet, and what you do to the outside of your hair truly affect it!

  A product like DS Labs can basically promote hair growth with an existing hair follicle.  This means that an 85 year old bald man cannot just use this and grow hair.  Once the follicle is closed off then it cannot make it come back to life.  The basic rule of any hair growth company is it can generate a dormant follicle from health or stress recently.  If its been many years of you having no hair this 35 dollar bottle will not make all your hair come back, or it would be a 5000 bottle if it could do that.  lol   What a company like DS Labs can do is help the existing follicle grow faster, and promote it to grow.  So if you had a recent issue or your a guy who is younger and seeing that your hair is thinning, you can slow it down now and give that young guy 10 more years of hair.  Or if you have all your hair and just want to promote growing it faster this product is for you.  I have seen it work, and if it was a bottle of Crisco I would tell you to use that if it worked.  ha ha I only will talk of things I see for my own eyes. This company is not paying me to blog this btw.

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