Donating hair is a great thing!!


Donating hair is a great thing!!  My friend Merry will grow out here hair and donate it every year.  She basically just comes in during the year for “dusting” hair cuts.  That is where I literally cut the hair dry and “dust” the edges with my sheers to take off the minimal dead ends every 3 months.  Then by years end her hair is long enough to cut 10 inches off.  That is the minimal length needed to donate hair. I admire Merry for doing this and caring enough.  It’s so rad when a woman is fearless with her hair. She can cut it off and embrace a new look without over thinking it.  I always did admire Nike for their ads saying …”JUST DO IT!”  In life we all  can take that and jump off the cliff.

I was getting Merry’s before pictures and was so into it that I forgot to get the after pix.  Well she had a premiere event and thanks to Facebook I found a good after pic of her the next day to put with her before shot.  She wanted it short on the back and longer in the front with the Robin Wright kinda pixie cut that is trendy right now.  Amber Valetta and others are all chopping off their locks for this cute, fem, cut.  Sometimes women feel they will look to “butch” if they cut off their hair.  You really have to work with the persons facial features.  Of course Merry wanted some good blonde highlights tossed in after her haircut.  It truly lifter her up.  She really landed this cut well.  I feel her facial features truly fit this cut.  Now we will grow all year long and cut it next summer.

Here is the link to donate hair….HairBank  As they say….”JUST DO IT!”