Highlights and lowlights …that is the question?

highlights and lowlights

Highlights and low lights?…that is sometimes a confusing question.  I wanted to share a new client who came into me last week to fix her long grown out balayage hair color.  Her last colorist was doing this service on her and it ended up just blonding her out so much that it was like a grown out bleach job.  I forgot to take the full before picture as I had already put in foils.  I did get a great after shot to show the blend of what highs and lows can do.

See balayage is great for a client who wants that faded out color from dark to light ends.  That is a very fashion style choice and is usually best for those who do not have any GRAY HAIR!  Balayage is not the best color technique for those who want to blend their natural gray away.  Seeing as the color only is from mid shaft to the ends on a balayage.  The roots into the length of the hair still show gray.  Yes you can color the roots and lighten the ends but for a client wanting…mileage on her color, that technique won’t do the trick.

So when my new client came to me and had some grays on top and sides she wanted a blended hair color of highs and lows …getting more of her natural color blended in with the highlights.  This way she can go for 12 weeks without a touch-up.  I used organic hair color on her to keep her cuticle in shape from the previous persons higher level lift on her ends.  Did panels of highs and lows then finished it with a subtle color gloss of honey blonde.   Now her grays are colored and blended to last her much longer than a balayage.   Oh and I gave her a slight shaping as her layers were trashed by the other color used on her.  Now she is on track to have long, pretty, blonde hair!