Multi-tonal blonde and how its done

multi-tonal color

Multi-tonal blonde and how its done.  I had this new client come to me last week to take her out of the over highlighted blonde rut.  What happens is when a dirty blond such as this young lady here, goes in for her blonde highlights and the stylist puts in just light foils only. Over […]

The Bionic Woman tv show brought us….BIG FOOT!


The Bionic Woman tv show brought us…. Bigfoot!!  So this is my #tbt shout out.  How can a gem like this from 70’s awesome idea’s in tv making not be my throw back Thursday?  When Lindsay Wagner a.k.a. Jamie Summers battles Big foot her hair is perfection at all times.  When she runs and jumps […]

Donating hair is a great thing!!


Donating hair is a great thing!!  My friend Merry will grow out here hair and donate it every year.  She basically just comes in during the year for “dusting” hair cuts.  That is where I literally cut the hair dry and “dust” the edges with my sheers to take off the minimal dead ends every […]

Highlights and lowlights …that is the question?

highlights and lowlights

Highlights and low lights?…that is sometimes a confusing question.  I wanted to share a new client who came into me last week to fix her long grown out balayage hair color.  Her last colorist was doing this service on her and it ended up just blonding her out so much that it was like a […]

Is Sun In good or bad for your hair?

Sun In is not Fun In your hair

Is Sun In good or bad for your hair?  I always say…”Sun In is no fun in your hair!”  My #TBT shout out goes to …Sun In. When Summer comes along I start to see some slightly brassy brunettes and dark blondes out there.  Seems that no one over the last 35 years has picked […]