A-line bob 2014 with copper red color

A line bob copper red head

A-line bob 2014 is shattered and has movement.  After I was done last night coloring my client Paula into a Sun-kissed copper color.  I used all-nutrient organic hair color by the way…no ammonia.  Paula wanted to give her heavy, thick, wavy hair a lift and was saying that all her hair had her sweating.  So to break it up she showed me a bob with a slight A-line.  Well I took that idea and then spent about 2 hours cutting her hair.  I literally flat ironed it section by section cutting as I went.  The flat ironed hair gave me the freedom to point cut into this heavy hair and shatter it.  This way I can somewhat thin out the hair without it being …”poofy”  I am a huge believer in protecting the hair as you put a hot tool on it!!!  I would not go out in the sun by the pool without sunscreen, I tell my clients its the same with hair. You need to put something in it to protect it from the high heat!  I tend to use PROTECT by Moroccan Oil.  You spray it on dry hair section by section then flat iron the hair.  It really does help save the hair from heat damage.   I believe in Safe hair…haaaa!

I then at the very end used shine drops to finish it and give the ends a broken polished look, its called love perpetua shine drops.  That product I use for stuff like this is by a company called EVO an eco groovy company from Australia.  I support companies that care about the environment.  I try to at least.  Boom Paula is feeling fresh and light again.  I dig that a color and cut can perk anyone up.