Best curly hair products combo I have found

curly hair products

Best curly hair products combo I have found…we all hear this a lot!   I hear stuff like, “I swear by this” or “this is the only thing I us.”  Well here I go with my combo, and I will say this as it is my “GO TO” combo.  The combo I personally use on my clients is… Moroccan oil light, with their curl cream that is like a rich leave in conditioner, topped with the curl mousse for hold.   The reason I layer these 3 on dry, curly, frizzy hair is for ultimate moisture that is needed on dryer, curly hair.   Curly hair sometimes is needing moisture on the ends big time!   Using Moroccan oil light really is a great leave in that literally absorbs in the hair shaft.  It is not oily in the sense of it just sitting on the hair weighing it down.  Finer, frizzy, curly hair cannot handle heavy oils.  The light oil is just that and it does not make it greasy at all.  Then I run the Curl cream thru the hair leaving it off the roots and top it with the curl mousse that gives the curls hold.

In the hair world we are always on the hunt for the perfect curl cream or combo.  Some leave hair dry and gel feeling…aka hard.  Or some leave the curls droopy with heavy weight.  We all are different also.  What works on one head may not be right for another.  In general I have used this on all hair types and 95 percent of the people I used this combo on,…dig it!

Or sometimes I leave one out depending on the hair type.  But I always start with the light oil then either work the mousse in or the cream in.  Its a feeling of the hair texture and my instinct that will tell me the combo that would work best on the person in front of me.  Plus the curl cream makes for a great hair gel for men.  Its a good hold and not stiff.