Angelyne billboard


Angelyne billboard and the huge painting of her on the side of a Hollywood building were what one did in the days before instagram and twitter.  This woman did trail blaze shameless self promotion with zero talent wayyyyy before Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.  This big breasted, 80s, blonde,  small waisted, pink Corvette driving lady graced us with her image on the side of a building in Hollywood that was 10 stories of her image.  No one knew who she was or what she was known for other than she was a blonde painted on the side of a building.  Then soon came all the billboards that were scattered all over the LA basin.  When I first moved to Los Angeles 20 years ago I would see her billboards everywhere.  Just her and her # to call for I don’t know what.  Maybe she did private appearances.

All I did know is she was in Earth Girls are Easy movie back in the late 80s and she was known for being seen around town driving with Emo Phillips.  She was also before Anna Nicole.  She was that big breasted fantasy blonde character that many had an image of Los Angeles in the 80’s.  The odd thing was she did not do anything. She has no talent known to man kind and her pink corvette is still scene around LA but she at an older age is still rockin her image.  She committed to it fully and I kinda have to respect her commitment.  She also did self promo on the streets….literally.  No twitter, no instagram, no selfies.  She pounded that pavement everyday with her billboards and driving, being scene like a magical unicorn.  You used to hear a friend say…”I just saw Angelyne driving down Beverly!!!”  Then one would ask…”did you get a picture of her?!”  Everyone heard of her and seeing her was like finding the unicorn.  My #tbt goes out to this original no talent…talent of self promo.