How to get volume in the hair

how to get volume in the hair

How to get volume in the hair my GO TO products are Moroccan oil light and their volume mouse.  My client Vanessa has flat medium fine hair.  It just needs a little barrier of moisture and then the mouse to amp. it up a bit.  I wash and condition her hair then I put a few pumps of the Moroccan oil light in the palm of my hands and work it from ends up to the scalp.  I notice that people who are weary about using any product with the name “OIL” in it are skeptical.  Well this product actually penetrates into the hair ya’ll! lol  It does not just sit on the top and keep it greasy.  It goes into the shaft and protects and moisturizes it.  I compare it to using sun screen or moisturizer for your face.  Why would you blow out your hair with a hot dryer and not protect it with something?  The first line of protection for me is Moroccan oil light usually.  Its super light and if you want total lift then avoid the scalp area and just put thru from ends up to 2 inches from roots.  Then layer with the volume mouse from roots to ends.  Do a quick ruff dry flipped the hair over and dry it 75 to 80 percent dry.  Then get the round brush and round it out in sections. Making sure to set the cold air on the final blast per each section and roll out the ends to give it a polished finish.  I also sometimes use the M.O. light as a light finish on the ends, just squirt a tiny bit in your palms and flip the hair over and lightly rake your fingers thru the ends for a nice finish.  I posted this as I am a simple one or two product kinda guy.  Anything more is too much on the hair.