Gen X Gen Y….not?!

Gen X Gen Y...not?!

Gen X Gen Y…not?!  So today is my my birthday and I felt it appropriate to post a pic of me a few years back…ala 80’s graduate.  Yes I know it’s not throw back Thursday but hey its my bday and I can do what I want to…right?  My friends decided to take my year book photo and do a little editing to it…hence the cat thing, Leo stuff and all.

Before the internet there was a time of what I call the last age of innocence.  Before cell phone, smart phone, I pad’s, twitter, instagram, etc..  We played with our hair.

Yes I had no fear and this head of hair was wrapped in grey and white perm rods for this perfectly fluffy perm.   I would use the perfect styling products of the era….AQUA NET MOUSSE,  blow dried upside down then picked to a fully desired of fluffy level.  The finish was a layer of SEBASTIAN SPRITS FORTE’.  My inspiration for this creation was of course…Prince and Madonna.  I  would cringe when someone would say, “its so flock of seagulls.”  Oh hell no its not…they were never cool to me back in the day…it was PRINCE AND MADONNA!!  As a good friend of mine put it …”if you don’t look back and cringe you weren’t living.”  I would say I was living it fully!  I feel hair today has gone safe.  Back then we would shave one side perm the other, or have a bi level with a rat tail…(gross!)  Then the mullet which is also gross!  We would manic panic it or bleach it then just do the tips with sea blue.  I feel we need a little 80s daring hair out there.  Yes a lot of it was horrible but some of it was fun and …totally RAD!  To all my Gen X’r pals this post goes out to you!

gen x gen y...not?!