Update hairstyle for your career

update hairstyle

Update hairstyle for your career or just for your personal life.  My new client Kiara who just moved to Los Angeles was referred to me to update her look for more casting.  As you can see she had really long hair that had not been colored, cut, or styled.  It was just long hair that was out of shape.  When a young pretty actress such as Kiara comes to me with long hair like this I simply say…”You need versatile hair that you can be the college girl or the CEO exec, to the next Vampire on Vampire Diaries lol. Her long hair when she arrived just screamed “college girl hair!”  I always tell an actor you need about a 10 year range in your looks.  So you can go out for younger and older parts.  With that said I simply put in about 15 foils of a high lift caramel blonde, then infused a color gloss on the hair at the end of warm mocha’s and goldens.  Then I cut about 3 inches of her dry ends off, gave her some simple long layers as they are versatile and easy to style.  The polished blow out and barrel curled ends brings her to current LA casting.  She now can go in for the hot, new, young vampire or the girl next door now.  This revamped look will for sure get her more casting as she now has a polished look instead of long college girl hair.  That’s what I have to tell younger actors is, “don’t get too attached to your super, duper, long hair.  If its stopping you from getting called in.  You may have to give up a few inches and dive into the career pool.  As most people forget the bigger of the two words in show business is….BUSINESS! 62520141932326252014193153