Brunettes with highlight ideas

brunettes with highlight ideas

Brunettes with highlight ideas have a huge variety of tones to pick from for skin tone and eye color.  When a darker brunette wants to “lighten up” I notice the first words I hear usually are….”I DO NOT WANT TO BE BLONDE!”  I know what they mean because when I see a bad highlight on a brunette that was not blended into a hue that matches the persons skin and eyes, I too cringe.  There are so many great golden’s, amber’s, caramels, warm to ash that you can pick from.

I have also noticed that as a brunette starts to get “God’s highlights”  lol  aka…gray hair sprouting up especially in the front hairline area, that they notice they have to do roots every 3 weeks or so.  To help with cutting back on that I suggest to start going a couple levels lighter over time.  You need to bust the base of the dark color with highlights and gloss it into a golden or amber, caramel.  Then the next time for root touch up I do the base about 2 levels lighter so that the color starts to blend.  It takes time and patience to gradually bring a dark brunette up into a lighter one. But with organic hair color and the right non ammonia lighteners you can achieve this look. The shot on the left is before wet and dark and the right is post highlights gloss.  As my client Jen comes in for retouches I simply just blend her base color and gloss her.  She does not have to keep doing highlights more than every 4-6 months.  So the upkeep is simple and only done when needed.

This client Jen really truly loves her Gisele’esque hair color that is simple and perfect for her skin, it literally makes her look 10 years younger!