Breck hair care color #tbt

Breck hair color

Breck hair care color is a great toss back for #tbt.  “Just comb it in”  its that easy!  haaaaaaa! I love it.  First off the retro box and photos are eye catching but the at home comb it in…makes salons money in the “please help me fix my hair”  category.  I cannot tell you how many women over the years I have had to fix what they did at home.  I love that they say…”its just that easy”  because first thought is …”what have I been doing going to school and apprenticing all those years?”  “Why did I take outside classes on color theory or go thru all the abuse of being and assistant?”  When all the answers were in a box of color.  All you have to do is comb it thru, don’t worry about base tones, or underlying pigments, color build up, or levels of color to achieve.  Just get a box and comb it and boom…you look like Gisele.  haaaaaa!

To all the women and men out there who have tried this at home, you know the pain I am talking about. I can actually say the only color that you can do at home as it is a commitment and there is no turning back from is….BLACK.  Sure color your hair at home if you do black as it is a color that does not need much tone, level, mixing.  Just comb it thru and your done.  lol Happy #tbt ya’ll!!