Gray hair coverage is always a challenge

gray hair coverage

Gray hair coverage is always a challenge.  It does not matter what line or technique a colorist chooses, bottom line is all gray hair has its challenges.  Whether  its covering or blending, to take what a client has and make it look natural and covered 100% takes technique.  This client came in after a year of growing out her brunette color from a year ago.  She wanted to just let it grow and see what happens.  What happened is the salt and pepper color was ashen and it was making her look tired.  Then the mid shaft and  ends of the color had oxidized from swimming, washing, and just letting it go…letting mother nature change it.  The ends were brassy and washed out.  So the combo of brass with ashen roots drove her to book an appt. asap and bring her back into a nice blended soft color that would accent her eyes and skin tones.  Within about 90 minutes she was back on track looking younger again.  Sometimes its as simple as the color you are wearing or the color of your hair that can bring you up or down.  Mixing up an organic permanent hair color for her base color and 100% gray coverage.  Then mixing a demi permanent hair color for her ends to match and blend them out.  Her hair is soft, blended, covered and all done with no ammonia in the hair color.  This leaves her scalp and hair with no damage and lots of shine. I used to frown on organic stuff thinking it could not do the trick of what aggressive hair colors can do with the high ammonia content such as a miss clairol or other lines that tend to burn your eyes as soon as you mix them.  I am glad my client loves it as I am sticking with ammonia free.