Blondes going darker

blondes going darker

Blondes going darker is a big step for a bright blonde to go thru.  It is no joke.  I have brought many a bright blonde into a richer, darker, warmer blonde and it can be just 2 shades darker and it is a huge change. Its a change to a woman’s identity and how she see’s herself.  There is a true mental thing to being a blonde.  My client Jaime has been booking as a bright blonde and as the acting market changes so must the blondes.  There are a lot of wheat colored, golden, amber blondes out there.  As Jaime was diving into this new pool of being a blonde I decided to warm up her base color with a demi-permanent, organic hair color  neutral with a touch or tobacco.  Then I did a partial high and low light to pull thru slices of the warm blonde base with lighter honey tones.  The finish was an organic honey colored gloss to just give it all a blended touch of warmth and shine.  The final result is warm, blended multi tones.

I feel that it has changed her over all look and brought out her skin tones and eyes.  Its funny when someone says….”I want to be blonde”  what they are thinking is Pam Anderson, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, bleached blonde.  There is a sea of blonde out there.  So when a client sits in my chair and says…”I wanna be blonde”  I have them show me a picture of a person in a magazine.  Because I want to see what their eye see’s as blonde.  That is #1 the consult and conversation over it before any mixing and coloring happens.  We both have to visually be on the same page.  The color has to compliment a woman’s eyes and skin…period!