Vidal Sassoon knew hair

Vidal Sasson knows hair

Vidal Sassoon knew hair on a woman like no other.  Like Coco Chanel knew the lines of a skirt and jacket on a women he too knew a good line on a lady.  This picture and his facial expression really say it all.  I love the caption “whatever can you be thinking wearing your hair like that?!”  I have been known to be just as to the point with a woman on her color and cut.  I have been a little more blunt in saying phrases like …”can I be honest? You have mall hair” , “your hair is jacked up” , “there is too much going on in your hair.”  With that being said I feel it is better to be truly honest with a woman in a kind, caring way. I feel you need to show a woman the best options for her face, body, eyes, neck, etc..  Vidal himself was direct yet classy in his approach.  Maybe me saying “You have mall hair”  is equal to Vidal saying…”whatever where you thinking…”  His approach may have been a little more …English than mine.  Growing up in London he had a way with words.  Us Americans can be a bit more blunt.  lol   But I too care about “whatever were you thinking wearing your hair like that?”  Sometimes the answer is …”I simply never thought of it that way”  Sometimes its just a good stylists job to direct a woman in a simple direction.  It can be as simple as…”you need to grow out your bangs”  Or “your color is too red for your skin tones”  I do have to say Vidal Sassoon the man was a class act, I am to this day impressed with how he knew hair and business so well.  We miss this talent…truly! Happy #TBT